• Full Stack Engineer by profession. A CompSci major (Summer '15).
  • Currently, Into Self Driving Car , HD Maps Space.
  • I’m a Full Stack Engineer by profession and I’m passionate to be the part of this Industry.
  • Major Skill sets are Web Services, Javascript, Nodejs, Vuejs, React, Python, Linux.
  • My current assignment is with CivilMaps where I'm into empowering Self Driving Car & HD Maps space, previously with InstaRem where i’m Involved in developing Core Banking Platform from Scratch. Basically, we are trying to change the way people make Cross Border Money Transfer. Here, i fall in Love with Financial Technology!.Links: Instarem Retail PlatformInstarem B2B Platform
  • I try to stay on the cutting edge of tools, technology and culture. Interested in all things to do with Web Technology, API, Javascript, Nodejs, Devops, Frontend Frameworks.

Work Experience

CivilMaps - Software Engineer - Hyderabad (India) - 1.5 Years

  • Designed & developed ​Map Creation Tools and Processes to empower ​Self Driving Car involved representation and configuration of ​LIDAR​ Data and its visualization in ​Potree Pointcloud​ viewer.

  • Leading Development of Payment Infrastructure for​ HD Maps​.
  • Built Microservices for customer facing Interaction with ​Geospatial​ HD Maps Semantics Data present in MongoDB.
  • Build Microservice for the ​Street Side View ​in the SF & Berlin Region using custom aerial imagery (more accurate than Google Street View).


InstaRem - Software Engineer - Mumbai (India) - 1.5 Years

  • Here, i fall in Love with Financial Technology space. Slowly and steadily, i got to know more about Core Banking System, cross border remittance stuff.

  • During this time I have Designed and Developed Payment Gateways visioned for interconnecting South East Asia, Europe, Australia, LATEM Countries, USA.
  • Provided inter-connectivity network infrastructure and architecture for payment processors, Inside Organisation for countries such as Singapore, Honk Kong, Australia, USA, Vietnam, India, USA.
  • Designed Payment Processors that have processed payouts of 400 million Dollars (till June 2018).
  • Actively Involved in Designing Payment Processors and Migration of existing Monolithic architecture to a SOA\Microservices architecture.


SmartData Enterprises - Software Engineer - Nagpur (India) - 1.5 Years

  • Started my Journey with the Best Team one can have. Here, I worked for the Large Application Development on Digital Marketing Domain leveraging various Social Media Data Services like Facebook Graph, InstaGram, Twitter, Flickr, GNip Premium.
  • Another one in Financial Advisory Domain with Financial & Insurance Experts in Australian Market


How can we get in Touch ?

I have a Github AMA Repo where you can ask me things because I’ve heard that’s where developer swag lies nowadays. Or you can send me an email. Or connect with me on Twitter. Or All Three of them.